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Demo page instructions


Copy file to desired location.
Log in to your DNN portal settings as super user and go to Host->Module Definitions.
Select install new module, browse to file and install.
After that click return. Go back to Host->Module Definitions and check if there is a sobot comment module in the list of installed modules. In order to run this module you must configure your web.config file.
Add following in your configSections:

    <section name="netTiersService" type="Sobot.DNN.Instance.Gen.Data.Bases.NetTiersServiceSection, Sobot.DNN.Instance.Gen.Data" allowDefinition="MachineToApplication" restartOnExternalChanges="true"/>

    <section name="netTiersService.Modules" type="Sobot.DNN.Modules.Gen.Data.Bases.NetTiersServiceSection, Sobot.DNN.Modules.Gen.Data" allowDefinition="MachineToApplication" restartOnExternalChanges="true"/>

Also add this right after your configSections right before your connectionStrings:

<netTiersService defaultProvider="SqlNetTiersProvider">


      <add name="SqlNetTiersProvider" type="Sobot.DNN.Instance.Gen.Data.SqlClient.SqlNetTiersProvider, Sobot.DNN.Instance.Gen.Data.SqlClient" connectionStringName="SiteSqlServer" providerInvariantName="System.Data.SqlClient" entityFactoryType="Sobot.DNN.Instance.Gen.Entities.EntityFactory" useEntityFactory="true" enableEntityTracking="false" enableMethodAuthorization="false" useStoredProcedure="false"/>



  <netTiersService.Modules defaultProvider="SqlNetTiersProvider">


      <add name="SqlNetTiersProvider" type="Sobot.DNN.Modules.Gen.Data.SqlClient.SqlNetTiersProvider, Sobot.DNN.Modules.Gen.Data.SqlClient" connectionStringName="SiteSqlServer" providerInvariantName="System.Data.SqlClient" entityFactoryType="Sobot.DNN.Modules.Gen.Entities.EntityFactory" useEntityFactory="true" enableEntityTracking="false" enableMethodAuthorization="false" useStoredProcedure="false"/>



That is all enyou using it.

Also if you like you could set up some additional parametars in your web.config:
Add following in your appSettings

    <add key="PhotoDimStandardMaxWidth" value="600"/>
    <add key="PhotoDimStandardMaxHeight" value="600"/>
    <add key="PhotoDimensionMax" value="2500"/>
    <add key="PhotoDimensionMin" value="70"/>
    <add key="DimensThumbWidth" value="70"/>
    <add key="DimensThumbHeight" value="70"/>

Change values as you like.


If you want to use or change design, css file is located in
“{site root}/DesktopModules/SobotMedia/Module.css “


You can made some custom modification for sobot media module, by going to module settings and expanding sobot comments settings following options will be available.


Image 1.
1)       In this field you can specify module instance type (you can select from Module. Tab Module, Module Query or Tab Module Query).
2)    In this field you can specify max number of items per page .
For other issues and questions send us mail at or visit enjoy using our software.

On page guide

Sobot Media Demo is located on the top of the page ,
right belove of it is Demo page instructions where you can find all details about instaling and configuring this DNN module. Download section is listing you files available  for download.

IMPORTANT: not to be used in production environment, still in beta.
Please contact us for free support

IMPORTANT: Module instalation is not available for the download at the moment, only source code is available for download.