DotNetNuke Google Analytics SEO Keyword Module

This module enables u to display the search keywords from Google Analytic using Google Analytic Data API. Just place the module on the page and it will start showing the keywords for that page.

So for example if someone searches "free dnn stuff", then comes to your site, Google Analytics registers that keyword, then the module queries the Google Analytis data API, gets the list of all keywords and displays it on your site.

Value of this module is that is constantly retrives new keywords thus adding new and relevant content for the page which in turn add to SEO value of your site.

AND IT'S FREE which is rare for DNN related stuff.

- Your site has to have Google Analytic tracking
- You have to know the Google Account user/pass for the tracking

Setting up the module

Once you install the module, and add it to the page. You will see this error:

Go the the module setting and set up Google Analytics Profile ID, Google Analytics username and password

How to get your Google Analytics Profile ID

First login to you analytics and go to analytics setting for your site and click edit for your website profile.
Then click Edit on your site

Module Demo

Here is the list of top 20 keywords that were used to find this site on Google:
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