Web Portals

Here are some of web portals (large scale applications with tons of data and/or community)

List of Web portals developed by Sobot Software. Most of the portals are developed in ASP.NET using DotNetNuke CMS but there are also custom made solutions tailored to specific client needs.

Virtual Fair

On-line business sociolising network

Year: 2009.
: Serbia.
Architecture: Flex*, C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Express, DotNetNuke, JQuery

* Flex - latest programing platform between Flash and web site data base for faster & easier servicing / update of the web site.

In the World

Travel portal

Client: KeyTech, Italy
Year: 2008
Architecture: C#, ASP.NET, MS SQL Express, DotNetNuke, Google Map API, YouTube API, AJAX.NET

The project is a Web 2.0 marketplace B2C in order to put in communication supply and demand in the field of the activities, excursions, getaways and sporting (generally called Activities). Objective of the project is to aggregate around the ITW a community of worldwide users that justifies the Activities suppliers interest to be present. Features:
  • The solution is based on the DotNetNuke framework with custom created module back-end and DAL layer.
  • Google map geo-coding service caching application for displaying geo-data by regions in the entire world.
  • On-the-fly video conversation to flash video file supporting both internally hosted video streaming and 3rd party content like YouTube.
  • Full Web 2.0 community support system with internal messaging, friends management, comments, file sharing etc.
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Some of our clients

  • Mintra Trainingportal AS, Oslo, Norway
  • Visit Technology Group, Göteborg, Sweden
  • Utilyx, London, UK
  • Key Technologies S.R.L., Italy
  • NeoSoft Ltda., Chile
  • ZipBiz Inc., USA
  • DogByte Solutions, USA
  • Telenor d.o.o., Serbia
  • RDP B92 A.D., Serbia
  • Soko Štark A.D., Serbia
  • Knjaz Miloš A.D. Serbia
  • Jaffa A.D. Serbia
  • USAID, Serbia
  • Coca-Cola, Serbia
  • Efair, Serbia