Sobot Software Portfolio

In relatively short period Sobot Software gathered more than few significant clients and fulfilled their needs with many versatile solutions - from basic company web site presentations and campaigns up to robust community portals.
Regardless complexities of every individual product, common quality of our solutions are always the same: stability, scalability, security, cost-effectiveness and usability.

Recent projects

service type: Flex Outsourcing
Virtual Fair Grounds

Film in Serbia
Serbian film production promotion

Some of our clients

  • Mintra Trainingportal AS, Oslo, Norway
  • Visit Technology Group, Göteborg, Sweden
  • Utilyx, London, UK
  • Key Technologies S.R.L., Italy
  • NeoSoft Ltda., Chile
  • ZipBiz Inc., USA
  • DogByte Solutions, USA
  • Telenor d.o.o., Serbia
  • RDP B92 A.D., Serbia
  • Soko Štark A.D., Serbia
  • Knjaz Miloš A.D. Serbia
  • Jaffa A.D. Serbia
  • USAID, Serbia
  • Coca-Cola, Serbia
  • Efair, Serbia